A List of What Parents Can and Cannot Influence in Their Children

Here are the things that parents cannot influence in their children:

·         Genetics (height, skeleton structure, facial features, skin color, eye color, hair color, blood type, sexual orientation, temperament, mental capacity and intellectual potential, talent.


Here are the things that parents can partially influence in their children (sometimes more, sometimes less):

·         Weight, muscle development, health and longevity (subject to genetics, although studies show that parenting influences whether genes get activated), mood, state of mind and spiritual development, education, erudition and accomplishments, intellectual development, good manners, exposure to high culture.


Here are the things that parents can help their children figure out (and that our children will be able to influence when they grow up):

·         Deal with a person (or not), have a relationship (or not), how to behave yourself with a certain person (although the result doesn’t fully depend on us), what to focus on, what to pursue, which life path to choose, what to do (or not), how to organize your life, whether to acquire any dependencies (try drugs or not, start drinking and smoking or not), take out a loan, buy a house.